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TYCORUN ENERGY integrates independent research and development, original design, intelligent manufacturing and high-quality service, provides a complete set of home energy storage solutions, and constantly brings more surprises to partners in terms of quality. We also accept customized services for home energy storage batteries.

excellent performance

excellent performance

Our products are initially designed with performance in mind, providing reliable solutions for a variety of home energy storage applications.

global technology

global technology

When it comes to home energy storage, we master the core technology and we can deliver an exceptional approach to customer experience.

after-sale warranty

after-sale warranty

We provide our partners with industry-leading warranty support for home energy storage. Let you worry-free throughout the process.


Home Energy Storage Leader From China

TYCORUN ENERGY is a new energy technology company focusing on home energy storage. After years of hard work, we have integrated all the advanced technologies required by ESS (Energy Storage System), such as lithium iron phosphate battery technology, BMS system integration technology, etc. We have self-developed key core technologies for household energy storage, and are more focused on the practical application of ESS.

Since the establishment of TYCORUN ENERGY in 2007, we have been exploring the global ESS market. By the end of 2021, the products of our factory will be sold in more than 60 countries and regions around the world.

TYCORUN ENERGY has always been concerned about the progress of people around the world in the field of power generation and consumption, and we are very proud of this.

Our goal is to be the global leader in home energy storage.

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TYCORUN ENERGY home energy storage Applications
home energy storage Applications
TYCORUN home energy storage Applications

Cooperation With Major Customers

TYCORUN ENERGY has been committed to the home energy storage industry. We have our own modern smart home energy storage factory. Since the establishment of the company, we have served countless global customers and also provided home energy storage OEM&ODM services for many big brands. These cooperative customers have also given us high evaluations and are very satisfied with our products and services. Due to our strict quality requirements, we have a good grasp of new technology applications related to home energy storage. We attract global customers with high-quality home energy storage products, and more importantly, we impress customers with our sincere services. We will continue to work hard to become a world-renowned manufacturer of household energy storage equipment.

Cooperation with major customers

Solar Power System

TYCORUN ENERGY specializes in the research and development and production of solar power systems. We provide a complete set of solutions for solar power generation, providing good solutions for countries and regions with unstable power or severe power shortages around the world, making energy freedom a reality.

solar power system TYCORUN ENERGY
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Rich Experience In Home Energy Storage Industry

TYCORUN has been committed to the new energy industry, especially the field of home energy storage. Our Lithium Iron Phosphate battery products sell well in more than 60 countries around the world and are well received by users. We are a professional home energy storage factory, and we also provide OEM and ODM services.


Our sales metrics have grown more than 100% annually.


The number of global clients we serve has grown by more than 90% annually.


The number of customers has grown by more than 90% annually.

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Professional Home Energy Storage Battery Manufacturer & Supplier in China

Why Choose Lithium Ion Battery For Home Energy Storage

Reliable Household Batteries

TYCORUN ENERGY home energy storage products use lithium iron phosphate batteries, which have obvious advantages in energy compared to lead-acid batteries, and are lighter in weight, have longer cycle life, and have no toxicity or fire hazard.State-of-the-art battery management systems give you higher peak power ratings and current than other technologies. It is this combination of factors that makes it an ideal solution for home energy storage applications.

home energy storage applications

In most home energy storage and commercial applications, batteries often need to draw more than 100 amps of current, and then sometimes quickly switch to a higher output to discharge when necessary.For solar applications, a constant charge/discharge cycle is just a normal day. TYCORUN ENERGY’s unique advanced technology allows you to run up to 160 amps of current continuously, even if you only use one battery, its peak value can be as high as 300 amps, so it can fully meet the needs of home energy storage or commercial energy storage stringent standards.

On-Grid, Off-Grid

Home energy storage is playing an increasingly important role in off-grid solar installations, and as more homeowners opt for the flexibility that home energy storage offers, home energy storage is becoming very important in grid-connected systems. importance.The hybrid system can not only transmit the electricity generated during the day to the grid, but more importantly, it can also store the energy generated during the day so that it can be used more flexibly in various places.


Home Energy Storage Project

Our team has been dedicated to providing low-cost, reliable and well-engineered Lithium Iron Phosphate battery solutions for home energy storage. We have long-term cooperation with the world’s top raw material supply factories to ensure that our home energy storage batteries greatly exceed industry standards. TYCORUN household energy storage lithium-ion batteries have been exported to more than 60 countries. As an excellent home energy storage factory, we also provide OEM&ODM services for global customers.

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The Best Home Energy Storage Manufacturer In China


We’re Providing The Best Home Energy Storage Manufacturing & Design Services

From design through manufacturing, see which of our services can be a benefit to you.

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Inverter Compatible Brands

TYCORUN ENERGY has a professional team of production engineers for home energy storage battery products. After more than three years of debugging, TYCORUN ENERGY household energy storage battery can be used with most of the well-known inverters on the market! If you are a dealer or installer of these inverters, then TYCORUN will be your most reliable partner. Such as DEYE inverters from China, Growatt inverters, as well as Goodwe inverters and Ginlong inverters and Sungrow inverters, etc. These inverter brands work well with our home energy storage products , Of course, you don’t have to worry about the compatibility between them, because the BMS protection board used in our products is very competitive in technology. Finally, thank you very much for choosing a series of home energy storage series products produced by TYCORUN ENERGY!

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Video of the manufacturing process of our home energy storage battery products

These videos provide an insight into the production process of our home energy storage products, as well as instructions on how to use the products, especially the compatibility of the storage products with the world-renowned inverters.

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