Things about battery cycle and related knowledge

Things about battery cycle and related knowledge

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Battery cycle is an important definition related to battery. It is an important reference for us to choose the right battery for the device, and affects our judgment on battery performance and use experience. So it is important to know about battery cycle. In this article you will get to know more about battery cycle and everything related to it.

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What are cycles in a battery

Battery cycle basically refers to a cycle of one charge and one discharge. Life cycle of a battery is the total number of charge and discharge a battery can handle before going out of performance. And if we talk about the best battery in the market i.e lithium ion battery then its battery cycle is greatly related to Depth of Discharge.

Depth of Discharge is the percentage that is usable of the total capacity of the battery. The more battery cycles, the more DOD drops (DOD for new batteries is 100%).

How many cycles should a battery last

Battery cycle can generally range from 500-1200 cycles which means it can be used for 3 years minimum. If the battery is going over 3 years then keep one spare battery because It may be needed soon.

However, when using a lithium ion battery people don’t need to be so nervous with this problem because lithium ion battery has a very long battery cycle of up to 4000 times.In other words, if people charge and discharge the lithium ion battery once a day, the life span of the battery can reach 10 years.

Although the number of battery cycle is determined according to the battery quality and battery material, for all battery types, following their guidelines written on the manual is a good way to make the batteries last longer and have more cycles.As we know that the battery is the heart of most devices and equipment.

Lithium ion batteries have the highest number of cycles as compared to others. Let’s see different battery cycle for life:

Lead Acid Battery: 300-800 times
Nimh: 500-1500 times
Nicad: 1000-2000 times
Lithium ion battery: 2000-4000 times

How do you check battery cycle

There are different ways to check battery cycle for different devices. There are two ways to check the cycle times of the battery: one is to check the cycle times in the battery specification. The second is to check the actual cycle times of the battery. If you use a lithium ion battery equipped with an intelligent BMS, you can directly view the cycle times and other battery parameters through the BMS.

How do you check battery cycle

Charge discharge test is the most commonly used test for lithium ion batteries. At the same time, make the battery pack obtain electric energy from the grid, and let it transmit electric energy to the grid for battery charging and discharging test. The charge discharge test is the process of fully discharging the lithium ion battery after it is fully charged. It is a cycle from fully charged to fully discharged.

What affects the battery cycle

Battery cycle is not only affected by the chemistry of the battery but also many factors. Here we will discuss it briefly.

● Ambient Temp

Generally battery capacity is stated based on 25 degree celsius temperature. Any variation from this could lead to changes in the battery cycle.

● Battery chemistry 

As a battery chemistry changes its battery cycle also gets affected.For example, the chemical composition of lithium ion battery and lead acid battery is different, so the battery cycles are also different. The battery cycle of lithium ion battery is much longer than that of lead acid battery.

● Maintenance

Maintaining battery is very important and it can prolong the battery cycle.

Can we prolong the battery cycle of lithium ion battery

How to properly charge a battery for longer battery cycle

By following a few guidelines we can prolonged the battery cycle and enhance their performance:

● Avoid over discharge and 100% discharge
● Go for partial charging and discharging of the battery
● Keep monitoring your battery state of health
● Using the right charger

How to store the battery to expand its battery life

Keep them in their original packaging and also look for suitable temperature at which you are storing battery. Humidity is also an important factor for storing the battery to expand its battery life.Too much humidity can cause damage to battery life.

If the lithium battery is stored for a long time, it shall keep the power within the range of 30% to 50%, and conduct a complete charge and discharge cycle every three months to expand its battery life.

How do I keep my battery cycle low

The battery cycle can not be decreased, it can only go up and reducing your battery cycle would be done only by not following the guidelines and not taking care of properly.

Can we prolong the battery cycle of lithium ion battery

What is the deep cycle battery and its application

A deep cycle battery is a battery with a high number of battery cycle. Deep cycle battery is good for many applications. They are built for the kind of applications where long constant power is needed. It can not be used in starting applications because it can not provide that kind of sudden power.

Applications of deep cycle are cars, electric bikes, golf carts, boats, water vehicles, traffic lights, audio equipment, powerwall, portable power station, medical devices, energy storage systems such as solar and wind energies, etc.

FAQs about battery cycles

What are zero cycle batteries

Zero cycle batteries are those batteries which are completely brand new and not used for even single cycles.

How long 500 charge cycles last

Approx estimated time would be 1-2 years for the battery to last with 500 charge cycles If it is used to charge and discharge once a day.

Why don’t batteries last as long as they used to

Now-a-days people are quite busy with their life and they forget to take care of the battery and follow charging instructions.

There are several reasons why batteries don’t last as long as they used to:

● Battery aging
● Battery leakage
● Lack of maintenance

There is a limit value for the cycle charging and discharging times of the battery. When it gets closer to this value, that is, after the battery is repeatedly charged and discharged, the internal resistance of the battery will increase, and the battery capacity will decline, leading to the battery not being able to use as long as it used to.

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