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Top 10 energy storage battery manufactures in China

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The data shows that in 2021, the global shipments of Powerwall, home power storage and other energy storage batteries will be about 48GWh, while the global energy storage battery shipments are expected to reach 125GWh in 2022, and the global energy storage battery shipments are expected to exceed 390GWh in 2025. This article introduces the top 10 energy storage battery manufactures in no particular order.

Top 10 energy storage battery manufactures in China


CATL is one of energy storage battery manufactures

Company profile:
CATL was established in 2011, and its business scope includes lithium-ion batteries, lithium polymer batteries, fuel cells, power batteries, ultra-large-capacity energy storage batteries, supercapacitors, battery management systems and rechargeable battery packs, wind and solar energy storage systems, and related equipment Development, production, sales and after-sales service of instruments.

Recently, CATL, one of energy storage battery manufactures, signed a number of new orders for energy storage. On December 22, 2022, CATL and gresham house energy storage fund, a British new energy investor, reached a long-term supply agreement of nearly 7.5GWh. The two parties will strive to expand the scale of cooperation to 10GWh according to market demand, and jointly promote the application of utility-scale energy storage.

Market value: 1073.485 billion RMB

Company website:


BYD is one of energy storage battery manufactures

Company profile:
BYD is one of the energy storage battery manufactures. It was established in February 1995. After more than 20 years of rapid development, it has established more than 30 industrial parks around the world, realizing a strategic layout on six continents.

BYD’s total installed capacity of new energy vehicle power batteries and energy storage batteries in December 2022 is about 11.152GWh, and the cumulative installed capacity in 2022 is about 89.836GWh. It is estimated that the total installed capacity of BYD power batteries and energy storage batteries will reach or exceed 131GWh in 2023.

Market value: 810.986 billion RMB

Company website:


Shuangdeng is one of energy storage battery manufactures

Company profile:
Since its establishment in 1990, Shuangdeng, one of the top 10 energy storage battery manufactures, has been deeply involved in the electrochemical energy storage market for 32 years. Based on lead-acid batteries and lithium-ion batteries, it focuses on the development and application of products and systems in various energy storage fields.

Aiming at a series of problems such as time-consuming installation, complicated battery replacement, and difficulty in capacity expansion of the household energy storage system, Shuangdeng household energy storage battery system adopts a modular parallel design, and through a reliable BMS architecture system and safety protection system, the entire The system has the characteristics of flexible configuration and high reliability. Widely used in household energy storage, grid energy storage, new energy storage and other scenarios.

Registered capital: 358.269 million RMB

Company website:


EVE is one of energy storage battery manufactures

Company profile:
Founded in 2001, EVE is one of the energy storage battery manufactures in China, focusing on the innovative development of lithium batteries. In recent years, the company has focused on the power and energy storage market, and adopted highly automated and informatized production methods to provide customers with first-class products and services.

According to the announcement of EVE in August 2022, after deducting the issuance expenses of the fixed increase funds, it is planned to use 6 billion yuan for the power storage lithium-ion battery production capacity construction project. Specifically, the project intends to build an automated production line for 46 series power storage lithium-ion batteries in Jingmen City, Hubei Province, China. After the project reaches production capacity, it will form an annual production capacity of about 20GWh46 series power energy storage lithium-ion batteries.

Market value: 171.508 billion RMB

Company website:


Pylontech is one of energy storage battery manufactures

Company profile:
Pylontech was established in 2009 and will be listed on the A-share market in 2020 as one of leading energy storage battery manufactures. Pylontech focuses on the development and application of lithium battery energy storage products, and provides leading comprehensive solutions for lithium battery energy storage systems.

The company vertically integrates the three core links of R&D and production of energy storage lithium batteries, BMS R&D, and system integration, with high-performance energy storage lithium batteries and advanced BMS technology as the core, and market demand-oriented, to provide users with advanced energy storage products.

Market value: 45.216 billion RMB

Company website:

Great Power

Great Power is one of energy storage battery manufactures

Company profile:
Great Power was established in 2001 and listed on the GEM in 2015. It is a high-tech enterprise that has been focusing on the production, manufacturing and R&D of lithium batteries for more than 20 years.

In recent years, Great Power has embarked on a strategic transformation. The company has clearly focused on the energy storage market. Since last year, it has launched a heavy blow to household energy storage, large-scale energy storage and other markets, and has gradually won orders from many leading customers. In 2022, the company’s energy storage business (including household energy storage, portable power station, power energy storage and communication energy storage) will grow by more than 5 times.

Market value: 35.732 billion RMB

Company website:


ZTT is one of energy storage battery manufactures

Company profile:
ZTT began to lay out the energy storage industry in 2008, and its products cover the entire process of power grid generation, transmission, distribution, and use.

On October 21, ZTT announced that it has successively obtained orders for large-scale energy storage projects with a total amount of about 334 million yuan through bidding and competitive negotiations. These include the 80MW/160MWh energy storage system project of the Tianmen Phase II project, and the procurement content includes lithium battery container systems, step-up converter container systems, etc.

Market value: 56.177 billion RMB

Company website:

Sacred Sun

Sacred Sun is one of energy storage battery manufactures

Company profile:
Sacred Sun was founded in 1991 and listed on the Shenzhen Stock Exchange in 2011. Unlike other energy storage battery manufactures, Sacred Sun has developed into one of the companies in the industry with a complete range of battery products and complete solutions.

The company’s leading products are new lead-acid batteries, lead-carbon batteries, lithium-ion batteries and power systems, new energy system solutions, etc. The products are mainly used in new energy storage, IDC big data computer rooms, communication backup, rail transit, industrial vehicles and EV Low-speed electric vehicles and other fields.

Market value: 4.561 billion RMB

Company website:

Gotion High-tech

Gotion High-tech is one of energy storage battery manufactures

Company profile:
Gotion High-tech, one of energy storage battery manufactures in China, entered the energy storage business as early as 2014. Its products mainly include centralized battery modules and battery clusters, container energy storage systems, distributed micro-grid energy storage outdoor cabinets, and household energy storage systems.

On December 7, Gotion High-tech announced that the company’s supporting 491MWh overseas large-scale energy storage power station container equipment has been sent overseas as scheduled. It is understood that the large energy storage container delivered this time uses lithium iron phosphate batteries independently developed and produced by Gotion High-tech. The energy storage container combines multiple advantages such as high safety, long cycle life, and convenient maintenance. It systematically solves a number of technical application problems raised by customers, and has passed the US UL safety standard certification.

Market value: 55.892 billion RMB

Company website:


Ruipu is one of energy storage battery manufactures

Company profile:
Founded in 2017, Ruipu is mainly engaged in the R&D, production and sales of power/energy storage lithium-ion battery cells to system applications, focusing on providing high-quality solutions for new energy vehicle power and smart power storage. The main products are square aluminum shell blade lithium iron phosphate batteries and ternary batteries, which are oriented to the fields of passenger cars, commercial vehicles, construction machinery and energy storage. The application fields cover passenger cars, commercial vehicles, ships and other power fields, as well as energy storage fields such as photovoltaic new energy power storage access, grid power storage, backup power and other energy storage fields.

On June 21, 2022, Ruipu’s power and energy storage lithium-ion battery and system project started in Nanhai. The first phase plans to have an annual production capacity of 15GWh, and the second phase is expected to start construction in 2022 and start production in 2024. After the completion of construction, the annual production capacity of the entire plant will reach 30GWh.

Registered capital: 2160.80385 million RMB

Company website:

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