Home Energy Storage FAQ

Home ENERGY Storage FAQ

TYCORUN ENERGY integrates independent research and development, original design, intelligent manufacturing, and high-quality service, and provides a complete set of home energy storage solutions, constantly bringing additional surprises to partners in terms of quality.

First, a home energy storage system stores the electricity or heat generated by photovoltaics so that you can use that energy when you need it. Electricity can be stored in TYCORUN ENERGY’s lithium iron phosphate batteries. Energy storage is valuable to those who can generate their own renewable energy because it allows them to use more low-carbon or free energy.

TYCORUN ENERGY’s lithium iron phosphate batteries are the first to store electricity generated by household renewable technologies, such as those generated by photovoltaic systems. There is a period of time every day when electricity consumption is low. At this time, you can buy cheap electricity from the grid and store it with TYCORUN ENERGY’s lithium iron phosphate battery.That way you can save a fortune by reducing your reliance on more expensive electricity during peak hours. Some countries even encourage you to “sell back electricity” during peak hours. Our home storage systems also offer a smart management module that allows you to track actual energy usage online even when you are not at home. TYCORUN ENERGY’s lithium iron phosphate batteries provide you with safer home energy storage. solution.

Compared with batteries produced from other materials such as lead-acid, lithium iron phosphate batteries can be said to be the most widely used in home energy storage applications. why is it like this? First of all, it is necessary for us to understand the performance of lithium iron phosphate battery and its unique advantages in various aspects. First of all, in terms of temperature resistance, lithium iron phosphate battery is the most high temperature resistant battery among all energy storage batteries, thus ensuring the safety of the product during use, which is very important. Secondly, in terms of discharge capacity, especially in terms of high current discharge capacity, lithium iron phosphate batteries have obvious advantages over lead-acid batteries, so our TYCORUN ENERGY factory produces household energy storage batteries using lithium iron phosphate batteries. Third, in terms of environmental protection, compared with batteries of other materials, lithium iron phosphate batteries are very environmentally friendly and have almost no pollution. Finally, TYCORUN ENERGY’s lithium iron phosphate battery is far superior to lead-acid batteries in terms of energy density, battery capacity, cycle life and other electrochemical properties.

Multifunctional household energy storage battery system, solar household energy storage power supply, high-voltage stacked energy storage power supply, mobile energy storage power supply, etc.

Our home energy storage products have a service life of more than 10 years; the interior adopts a modular design; and it is more flexible to support multiple energy storage units in parallel; very simple and very fast, thus improving energy storage and utilization.

The TYCORUN ENERGY grid-connected home energy storage system consists of the following parts: first, the solar battery system, then the BMS management system, then the grid-connected inverter, and finally the lithium iron phosphate battery pack and the AC load.

The TYCORUN ENERGY off-grid home energy storage system exists independently without any electrical connection to the grid. Therefore, its entire system does not require grid-connected inverters, and only needs Photovoltaic inverters meet the requirements. The off-grid home energy storage system is mainly divided into the following three working modes, the first one: sunny days with sufficient sunshine, at this time photovoltaic power supply energy storage can supply power to users; the second one: cloudy days with weak sunlight, photovoltaic and storage The energy storage battery supplies power to the user together; the third type: at night or in rainy and snowy weather, the energy storage battery supplies power to the user at this time.

product quality
Product quality is a very core key element of a product. When you are looking for a home energy storage battery manufacturer, you can first ask them which world-renowned brands they work with. Because well-known brands usually give priority to qualified large factories to cooperate, it is very difficult for small factories without qualifications to cooperate with well-known brands. This is very important.

Factory qualification
There is a fact that everyone should be very clear, there are a lot of home energy storage battery manufacturers in China. Qualification is a very important factor in evaluating a home energy storage battery manufacturer. If you plan to cooperate with this factory, it is necessary for you to ask the factory to issue relevant qualification certificates.

Product competitiveness
An excellent home energy storage manufacturing plant often has strong product competitiveness. Therefore, if you need to find a reliable partner, you need to find a home energy storage battery factory that can produce batteries of different capacities, different voltages and different uses. Such a factory has strong production and R&D capabilities. It can immediately give corresponding product solutions according to various needs of customers.

technology R & D
If a home energy storage battery manufacturer does not have R&D capabilities, he will lose market competitiveness. Because the market is highly competitive and changes every day. If this home energy storage battery manufacturer has independent research and development capabilities, and can frequently update new products and new technologies, it can show the strength of this home energy storage battery manufacturer. We all know that if a factory wants to do its own research and development, it needs to invest millions of dollars. It is impossible for a small factory without strength to have this budget.

raw materials
Raw materials are the most important components of household energy storage batteries, and the quality of raw materials largely determines the quality of products. If this home storage battery factory can provide pictures, videos and specifications of the raw materials for production, it means that they can be assured of the materials they use. To produce high-quality mobile energy storage batteries, good raw materials must be used.

Factory certification
As a regular home energy storage battery factory, it needs to pass a series of industry certifications to ensure that every process of production is safe. Therefore, factory certification is a necessary condition for you to choose a manufacturer.

Reputation of household energy storage battery manufacturers
When you can see this home energy storage battery manufacturer on the Internet or at exhibitions, it means that the home energy storage battery manufacturer has certain strength. It has real factories and strong marketing capabilities. Especially for Chinese household energy storage battery manufacturers, if they can be found on Alibaba and international websites, it means that this household energy storage battery manufacturer is more authentic and effective, because to do a good job of these platforms, the investment is also very high. big. Ordinary factories do not have this capability.


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