Many well-known companies invest in energy storage

Many well-known companies invest in energy storage

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It is reported that WTECL has officially established an energy storage company and entered the energy storage industry. As the heat of energy storage continues to rise, the enthusiasm of enterprise investment layout has also increased significantly. Since 2022, many well-known companies have invested in energy storage cross-border.

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WTECL shifted from traditional energy to energy storage

Previously, in March this year, WTECL said that it would jointly invest in the construction of energy storage projects and new energy projects in Henan Province with CYPC and CTG. It is estimated that the total installed capacity of energy storage and other new energy projects invested, constructed, operated and managed by 2030 will reach 10GW.

WTECL said that it would strive to exceed the scale of traditional energy projects in the new energy projects that it controls and shares in within 10 years. In the end, WTECL chose the all vanadium flow battery energy storage technology scheme. On August 30, WTECL said that it would jointly invest 1 billion RMB with HaiDe Limited to establish Detai Energy to promote the transformation of WTECL into the energy storage industry.

Through Detai Energy, WTECL carried out energy storage auxiliary frequency modulation project, with an investment amount of 150 million RMB, adopts a 30MW/30MWh all vanadium liquid flow battery energy storage system, which will be the first vanadium battery energy storage auxiliary frequency modulation project on the thermal power side in China.

On September 25, WTECL announced the official establishment of Detai Energy. In the future, it will use this company as the development platform of energy storage industry to realize the development of the whole industry chain in the field of all vanadium liquid flow battery energy storage, and provide a full set of energy storage solutions for new energy and traditional power systems.

In addition, WTECL and HaiDe Limited also participated in the investment in Baihe New Energy, a carbon dioxide storage system research and development enterprise. At present, the company has completed round A financing.
WTECL chose the all vanadium flow battery energy storage technology scheme

Other companies cross-border energy storage from traditional energy in addition to WTECL

On March 12, 2022, Hangguo Boiler Installation was renamed “XIZICE”. The company said that it would adhere to the development strategy of “new energy+energy storage” and open a new chapter of green development.

On the same day, XIZICE signed the first energy storage project contract with Lvdian Energy, which plans to carry out the green electricity molten salt energy storage demonstration project in Zhejiang Province, China, with a total investment of 191.54 million RMB.

In addition, in March this year, Shaoneng Group signed a framework agreement on cooperation and development of new energy projects with Dashun Asset, and decided to carry out all-round and in-depth strategic cooperation in new energy fields such as photovoltaic, wind power, hydrogen energy, energy storage and energy conservation.

In June this year, the cooperation between the two sides was launched. Shaoneng Group issued an announcement that it planned to establish a joint venture with Dashun Asset, named Ruichu New Energy to engage in the investment and development of wind power, photovoltaic, energy storage and other projects.

Wind photovoltaic companies enter the energy storage field

Since this year, the energy storage industry has been developing rapidly, and the distribution and storage of new energy has become a general trend. Therefore, some enterprises choose to develop their own energy storage industry.

At the beginning of this year, Mingyang Smart Energy, a leading wind power enterprise, chose 190 million RMB to increase its investment in HIGEE, becoming its third largest shareholder and stepping into the energy storage industry.

It is understood that HIGEE, a representative enterprise producing lithium ion battery and energy storage systems, has always ranked among the top three energy storage technology providers in terms of installed capacity in 2020 and 2021. Mingyang Smart Energy said that the company’s technological exploration in energy storage is also actively under way.

Midea Group also officially announced its entry into the energy storage field

In May this year, Jinko Solar, a photovoltaic enterprise, announced the establishment of Jingke Energy Storage. It is understood that the company’s business scope includes emerging energy technology research and development, energy storage technology services, etc., marking that Jinko Energy has officially entered the field of energy storage system integration.

Household appliance companies accelerate the layout of energy storage field

Led by the dual carbon goals, more and more home appliance giants are accelerating their deployment to the energy storage field. In May this year, Midea Group also officially announced its entry into the energy storage field.

According to the announcement released by CLOU, Midea Group will take the real control of CLOU from Shenzhen Capital Group. Midea Group said that in recent years, the business of CLOU has focused on energy storage and lithium battery industry. After becoming the controlling shareholder of CLOU, Midea Group intends to use it as one of the main platforms to carry out energy management business.

As early as the beginning of 2020, Midea Group acquired Hiconics, which focuses on new energy business. After years of development, Hiconics is currently mainly responsible for the new energy storage related businesses of Midea Group, including the overall planning and implementation of green power projects.

In August this year, SANY, a construction machinery giant, established Sany Lithium Energy in Changsha, Hunan, China. Its business will include battery manufacturing, sales, leasing, energy storage, etc., and officially announced its entry into the lithium battery and energy storage track.

Among them, SANY Heavy Industry has made a close layout in five major directions: battery cell, electric drive bridge technology, VCU centralized control platform, charging and changing power station, fuel cell system and control technology. The cross-border lithium battery may become another important measure for SANY to accelerate the electrodynamic transformation of construction machinery.

Millet officially released its first outdoor power supply product in SeptemberMillet is a well-known mobile phone company and Huawei is one of the top 20 energy storage system companies in China. In March this year, Millet and Huawei announced that they had jointly invested in WeLion. At the same time, the registered capital of the company was increased to 61.3673 million RMB.

Half a year later, Millet officially released its first outdoor power supply product in September, which uses a “mixed solid liquid electrolyte lithium battery” with a battery capacity of 1022Wh, a density greater than or equal to 500Wh/L, and can be recharged 1000 times.

It means that Millet has officially entered the mobile energy storage market. However, unlike Millet, some consumer product enterprises also aim at energy storage to seek to improve their business performance. In July this year, Anfu released an announcement that it and Changfu jointly invested in the establishment of Hefei Hefu Smart Energy Co., Ltd. to invest in energy storage research and development and integrated production line base.

Anfu has been in a loss state for two consecutive years. If the loss is still serious this year, it is likely to face delisting risks. Therefore, Anfu said that on the basis of doing a good job in the main business of Nanfu battery, it would explore and expand new energy business, seize the development opportunities of the energy storage industry, and expand the company’s second growth curve.

In June this year, Transimage, which is mainly engaged in consumer electronics, announced that Zhiwei Electronic planned to establish Chuanyi Natron to engage in the R&D, production and sales of sodium ion and lithium ion batteries, positive and negative electrode materials and electrolyte.
The current energy storage market has a good prospect

Environmental protection companies enter the energy storage field

In September, Tongxing Environmental Protection announced its cooperation with the University of Science and Technology of China to jointly build a joint laboratory for energy storage battery materials and devices, marking Tongxing Environmental Protection’s official entry into the sodium ion battery industry.

At the same time, Tongxing Environmental Protection has formulated the five-year research goal of the high-performance sodium ion battery project: the energy density of the single battery is>170Wh/kg, and the cycle life is>10000 times.

In August this year, Weiming Environment announced that the company signed an agreement with CHENGTUN MINING, Sunwoda and Yongqing Technology on investment in the construction of new lithium battery materials. The total investment is planned to be no more than 19.1 billion RMB to build a 200000 ton high nickel ternary cathode material project, including the production of high nickel ternary precursors, high nickel cathode material production, etc.

On the same day, Weiming Environment announced that it planned to invest in and build a high nickel matte project through its subsidiaries, with an annual output of 40000 tons of high nickel matte metal, and the total investment of the project would not exceed 390 million dollars.

However, the frequent investment in energy storage by relevant enterprises has directly led to abnormal fluctuations in stock trading. Some enterprises said that new technology products still need to expand the terminal market and demand, and there is still uncertainty in the cultivation and development of the market. In a word, the current energy storage market has a good prospect, and cross-border enterprises still need time to test.

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