Mobile energy storage market will reach 79.3 billion RMB

Mobile energy storage market will reach 79.3 billion RMB

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Thanks to the development in recent years, products represented by mobile energy storage have begun to go global through online channels, and the sales network of portable power station has spread all over the world.

At present, the supply side market of mobile energy storage industry has formed a preliminary layout, and the shipment of China’s mobile energy storage products accounts for more than 90% of the global shipment.

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According to consumption scenarios, mobile energy storage can be divided into three categories: general energy storage/portable power station, RV energy storage, and household energy storage. General energy storage/portable power station can be divided into outdoor tourism scenarios and emergency rescue scenarios.

At present, the signing and implementation of global energy storage related projects have maintained a rapid growth. Europe, the United States and China are the main incremental markets for energy storage. Global household photovoltaic and China’s wind and photovoltaic bases will drive the explosive growth of energy storage.

What is mobile energy storage

Mobile energy storage refers to equipment that uses built-in density lithium ion batteries to provide stable AC and DC power systems. The output power is 100-2200W, equipped with AC, DC, Type-C, USB, PD and other interfaces, which can match various mainstream electronic devices in the market. That is what we often call outdoor power supply.

Advantages of mobile energy storage

Early outdoor and emergency power supply is mainly provided by small fuel generators or lead-acid batteries. However, generators are noisy and heavily polluted, and lead-acid batteries are also not environmentally friendly. In contrast, mobile energy storage or outdoor power supply has several advantages:

● Green and pollution-free
● Safe and portable
● No noise
● High power
● Wide adaptability

These advantages enable mobile energy storage to be widely used in many fields such as outdoor travel and emergency equipment. The market scale has grown rapidly in recent years. Here are the top 10 outdoor portable power station companies in China

The scale of portable power station equipment consumption market will reach 5.9 billion

The data shows that the global portable power station equipment consumption market in 2019 was 380 million dollars. Driven by the industrial development in recent years, it is estimated that the consumption market of portable power station equipment will reach 5.9 billion dollars in 2022.

The global mobile energy storage consumption market is relatively mature

China, which accounts for more than 90% of the production and shipment, is the main shipping place of portable power station equipment in the world, while the United States and Japan are the largest application markets, accounting for 47.3% and 29.6% of the sales respectively.

Small mobile power supply for daily use can only be used for small power electronic devices such as mobile phones and earphones. Because of its high power, outdoor power supply can provide stable AC and DC power supply, and its application scenarios are more extensive.

In addition to the familiar outdoor camping scene, it is also widely used for emergency rescue. In addition, outdoor film and television production, farming farmland, outdoor operation and even stall operation are typical use scenarios of mobile energy storage.

In China, mobile energy storage is an emerging market with the rise of camping. During the National Day this year, the number of camping tourism orders increased by more than 10 times year-on-year.

Correspondingly, during the “618” period this year, the turnover of JD platform’s outdoor power products increased by more than 1000% year on year. With the continuous development of China’s economy, outdoor travel has become increasingly mature, and the portable power station market has huge potential.

What are the problems faced by mobile energy storage

Mobile energy storage is a high-quality track, but the current technology has not been completely broken through, and the product homogeneity is serious, so it is difficult to obtain excess profits. In addition, the scale advantage of the energy storage track is not obvious, which requires a lot of resources and capital investment.

Portable power station must have a new stage and a new road of development, especially in combination with the development of carbon neutral and new energy vehicles, to increase the competitive advantage.

Mobile energy storage is different from charging treasure. In addition to the battery capacity, consumers are most concerned about safety. Mobile battery storage safety puts forward high requirements for battery management. Under high power output, the outdoor power supply will need a complex cooling system.

At present, the supply side market of mobile energy storage industry has formed a preliminary layout

Passive cooling is achieved through the heat sink, and with the active cooling equipment such as fans, the outdoor power supply can operate stably under high power. In addition, as a way of energy supplement, photovoltaic charging has also become an important issue for mobile energy storage in outdoor scenarios.

The middle reaches of the mobile energy storage industry chain are manufacturers that design, develop and manufacture portable power station products. At present, many companies related to mobile energy storage products are transformed from battery companies, power supply companies and rechargeable treasure manufacturers based on their technical foundation.

The product homogeneity competition is fierce, and the product quality and price are uneven. companies with earlier layout have more significant foundation in brand and channel.

Despite the annual sales growth of more than 100%, China Mobile Energy Storage still lacks a perfect industry standard. In September this year, the relevant Chinese authorities issued a document that included lithium ion batteries, battery packs and mobile power supplies used in electronic and electrical products in the mandatory product certification directory.

At the same time, consumers attach great importance to the safety of outdoor power products, and these factors are accelerating the elimination of small brands and white brands. At present, the global mobile energy storage consumption market is relatively mature, and China is still in an emerging stage.

With the gradual improvement of relevant laws and regulations in the mobile energy storage industry, the deepening of consumers’ awareness of products, and the continuous polishing of manufacturers’ research, development and design of new products, the huge consumption potential of the mobile energy storage industry will be released.

It is estimated that the global shipment of portable power station will reach 28.37 million units in 2025, with a market scale of 79.3 billion RMB.

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