A comprehensive introduction of recent new battery in lithium industry

A comprehensive introduction of recent new battery in lithium industry

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Driven by the rapid growth of electric vehicles, the lithium battery industry continues to maintain a rapid growth trend, industry innovation continues to accelerate, new technologies continue to emerge, and various new battery technologies have also emerged.

Lithium battery is one of the rechargeable batteries using lithium metal or lithium alloy as cathode material and non-aqueous electrolyte solution. In this article, we will comprehensively introduce the different features of the recent new battery in the lithium battery industry.

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Kirin battery

In June 2022, CATL released a new battery, the Kirin battery. Kirin battery adopts the third generation CTP technology, with the volume utilization rate exceeding 72%, which can increase the energy density of lithium iron phosphate battery system to 160Wh/kg, while the energy density of ternary battery can reach 255Wh/kg; The large area cooling technology of the electric core is adopted, which can support a 5-minute fast hot start and a 10 minute fast charge.

Under the same chemical system and the same size of the battery pack, the power of the pack of this new battery is 13% higher than that of the 4680 system. The range of vehicles equipped with the new battery can exceed 1000km. In terms of safety, it also has a stable stress structure, which improves the anti vibration and impact capacity of the battery pack.

SPS battery

SPS battery is a new battery released by Farasis in September 2022. The battery adopts the horizontal layout design of large soft package battery cells, which reduces the battery system components by 50%, reduces the material cost by 33%, and improves the volume utilization rate to 75%.

Compared with the model equipped with 4680 cylindrical battery, this new battery has a volume utilization rate of 12% higher, a cycle life of 3 times, and a heat conduction efficiency of 60% higher. This new battery integrates four innovative technologies: large flexible battery cell, large flexible battery system, large flexible battery manufacturing and direct recycling.

Thanks to the high compatibility of the material system, the large soft package electric core can be used in high nickel ternary to low nickel rich lithium manganese, lithium manganese iron phosphate, sodium ion and other material systems to match different needs.

EVE new battery

The main products of EVE new battery include:
● Square lithium iron phosphate battery
● Soft bag ternary battery
● Square ternary battery
● Large cylinder battery for passenger vehicles
● xHEV battery system

The application fields of the new battery include new energy vehicles, electric ships and energy storage industry. The products are supplied to DAI, BMW, JLR and other global brands.

EVE has also developed many new battery products

In terms of product parameters, the main products of power type lithium iron phosphate battery can achieve ≥ 180Wh/kg, and the research and development of its 4680 cylinder is also in the forefront of the world. China Jingmen 20GWh is expected to become the first production base of 4680 and 4695 cylinder batteries in the world.

Second generation short knife battery

SVOLT released the second generation of short knife battery in November 2021. The new battery specification is the same as that of the first generation, the long end is 600mm, but the single capacity is increased to 196Ah, the energy density is more than 185wh/kg, and the volume energy density is more than 430wh/L.

It can achieve 550km driving range of Class A vehicles, and can achieve 1.6C fast charging under high energy density, meeting more than 80% of the 30min charging. Different from BYD’s long blade battery, the longest L600 in the SVOLT short blade battery is only 574m in actual length.

In addition to the short knife battery, SVOLT has earlier introduced another new battery, cobalt free battery. With the support of CTP technology, the range of a new car can exceed 880km. In addition, in July this year, SVOLT All Solid State Battery Laboratory developed the first batch of 20Ah sulfur series all solid state prototype cells in China.

The energy density of this series of electric cell reaches 350-400Wh/kg. Now the new battery has successfully passed the experiments of acupuncture and 200 ℃ hot box. Once it is put into mass production and applied, the electric vehicle can achieve a range of more than 1000km.

Jelly battery

Jelly battery is a new battery manufactured by SVOLT in December 2020. Its origin is that it uses semi-solid electrolyte, similar to jelly, with high conductivity of 6 * 10 3s/cm, self-healing, flame retardant (higher than 150 degrees) and other characteristics. The new battery did not show fire and smoke during needle test under full charge.

Blade battery is a new battery released by BYD in March 2020

The jelly battery is prepared based on gel electrolyte, and uses cobalt free cathode materials and electrolyte materials. Among them, the new jelly like electrolyte has the characteristics of high conductivity, self-healing, flame retardancy, etc. 

It is also compatible with conductivity and safety performance, which can prevent thermal diffusion without reducing electrical performance. Introducing this new battery electrolyte into the existing product system will significantly increase the safety of the cell.

Blade battery

The blade battery is a new battery released by BYD in March 2020. The single battery is 960mm long, 90mm wide and 13.5mm high, which looks like a long blade. Through the structural innovation of CTP, each blade cell skips the module and directly integrates into a battery pack.

The safety performance of the new battery pack has been greatly improved, and the volume utilization rate has also been increased by more than 50%. This new battery not only improves the energy density, but also continues the safety advantage of lithium iron phosphate battery. The range exceeds 600km.

4680 battery

Tesla introduced the new battery, 4680 battery, in September 2020. Its cylindrical battery has a diameter of 46 mm and a height of 80 mm.

The 4680 battery greatly increased the battery power (6 times as much as the 21700 battery), reduced the battery cost (14% as much as the 21700 battery), optimized the heat dissipation performance, production efficiency, and charging speed, and further improved the energy density and cycle performance.

The new battery is designed with no electrode lug inside. The effective contact area of the conductive electrode coating and the battery end cover can reach 100%, greatly improving the heat dissipation capacity. In addition, the new battery also eliminates internal modules and is directly composed of batteries, which brings higher space utilization and improves the energy density of the entire battery pack.

In June 2022, CATL released a kind of new battery Kirin battery

At present, the new battery is nearing completion on the experimental production line of Tesla factory, and mass production will begin this year. In terms of large cylindrical batteries, the lithium energy layout of EVE is also leading.

In 2021, 4680 and 4695 finished products have been produced, and the planned capacity of 20GWh large cylindrical batteries for passenger vehicles is expected to start mass production in 2023.

In addition, LG, Samsung, CATL, BAK, SVOLT and other battery manufacturers are also in the process of research and development. The application of large cylindrical batteries will further promote the development of high nickel materials.

Magazine battery or microcrystalline super energy lithium iron battery

The magazine battery or microcrystalline super energy lithium ion battery is a new battery introduced by AION in March 2021/June 2022. The new battery adopts a structure similar to the cartridge case, and puts the electric core into the structure (the whole electric core insulation chamber adopts aerospace nanotechnology, which can withstand 1400 ℃ high temperature) to improve the safety.

Compared with similar ordinary battery packs, the volume energy density is increased by 9.4%, the weight energy density is increased by 5.7%, and the cost is reduced by 10%.

The new battery technology effectively blocks the spread of the heat runaway electric core and avoids the spontaneous combustion event caused by the internal short circuit of the electric core through the design of the mesh nano hole thermal insulation material and the high temperature resistant shell. Both ternary lithium battery and lithium iron phosphate battery can pass the acupuncture test of the whole package.

In June this year, on the basis of magazine batteries, AION also released microcrystalline super energy lithium iron batteries, which can increase the mass energy density of lithium iron phosphate batteries from 185Wh/kg to 210Wh/kg, and increase the volume energy density by 20%.

This new battery also improved the poor low temperature performance of lithium iron phosphate battery. The capacity retention rate at minus 20 ℃ was increased by 10%, the charging time was also improved by 25%, and the capacity retention rate could be maintained at more than 80% after 4000 cycles.

SPS battery is a new battery released by Farasis in September 2022

Honeycomb battery

Honeycomb battery is a new battery manufactured in March 2020 by JAC. The new battery adopts a single 21700 small cylindrical battery with 4.8Ah, and a ternary lithium material design with high nickel 811. It has an energy density of up to 240Wh/kg.

This new battery adopts hexagonal structure, and filled with thermal conductive adhesive between the electric cells. Through UE technology of epitaxial coating, the cylindrical electric cells are packaged unitedly. The heat exchange area of the new battery cell is about 14 times that of the square battery and the soft battery.

It can keep the cellular battery in the optimal temperature range of 10~35 ℃, and it can perform well in low and high temperature environments. It can achieve an ultra long endurance of 530km. In addition, the new battery has passed a series of extreme safety verification, and has excellent safety performance.

Amber or Mica battery

Amber battery is a new battery manufactured by Landau in September 2021. Amber battery adopts Samsung 21700 standard cylindrical cell; The mica battery is provided with battery cells by BYD’s FinDreams Powertrain, whose main design feature is the application of special thermal insulation materials.

The new battery series all adopt Landu self-developed battery system. The amber battery system is filled with special silicone composite materials in the battery pack, so that each cell unit is fully wrapped like amber, with high efficiency of heat insulation, flame retardant and insulation.

In the mica battery system, layered Al Si mica and aerogel are added into the battery pack, and the cell, mica and aerogel will stack like mica. The technical difference between the two is that the materials and structures of the three-dimensional thermal insulation wall are different. The same thing is that both new battery technologies have ultra-high safety performance.

Magic cube battery

This new battery, magic cube battery, introduced by SAIC/CATL in June 2022 is 1690mm * 1300mm long and wide; The height is 110mm, 125mm and 137mm respectively. Using CTP, high voltage, ultra-thin substrate and other technologies, the energy density of 90kWh magic cube battery system reaches 195Wh/kg.

Tesla introduced a new battery,4680 battery, in September 2020

The utility model is characterized in that the electric core is laid on the back, which is safer than the vertical electric core, and can reduce the effective contact area between electric cores and reduce the heat transfer.

In addition, the new battery adopts a flexible constraint mode, which enables it to adapt to the expansion of the battery cell and extend the battery cycle life. Of course, for consumers, the most obvious advantage of the battery cell lying down is that the vertical height of the battery pack decreases significantly, which can release more space.

Dayu battery

Dayu battery is a new battery released by GWM this year. The new battery adopts NCM811 high nickel cell. Different from the traditional battery fire protection design, Dayu Battery is committed to safely channeling the gas fire flow generated after the thermal runaway to the battery pack according to the design channel, so as to avoid the problem of thermal runaway fire and explosion.

The new idea of this new battery will provide some reference for the safety development of NCM high nickel battery cells of other manufacturers.

Tiangong battery

Tiangong battery is a new battery launched by Neta in May 2022. Based on the traditional square shell battery, the new battery focuses on the optimization of battery structure safety design, thermal management system, intelligent cloud management, etc.

The insulation temperature is above 1000 ℃, which can achieve UL94 V0 flame retardant, highly integrated and lightweight, improve the effective capacity, and the system energy density is up to 185Wh/kg. Neta hopes to protect the battery safety standard by using the new battery, which will be used in Neta S models.

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