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12 Ports Battery Swapping Station


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Our battery swapping station includes a charging system, a battery swap management system, a monitoring system, and it can also perform real-time detection and maintenance of the batteries inside. TYCORUN ENERGY’s battery swapping station can be dustproof, waterproof and lightning proof, and it also has the function of water immersion and power failure protection. Our battery swapping station has 12 ports, each of which can be controlled individually.


12 ports battery swapping station for electric bicycle motorcycle – TYCORUN ENERGY

Its charging voltage platform includes 48V/60V/72V, so each port can charge batteries of these three voltages. Our battery swapping station comes with its own swapping station software, so you can easily view the battery swapping data and rental data, and it also provides you with accurate positioning data and the alarm system data you need.

Cabinet size750(W)*540(L)*1800(H)mm
Maximum size in port260(W) *420(L) *200(H)mm
Number of battery ports12 ports (individual control)
SpeakerStandard (built-in)
Touch displayStandard, 7 inches
Charge Voltage Platform72V/60V/48V
Input voltage100~240VAC 50HZ
Maximum input power9200W/6500W(optional)
Single port maximum charging power900W/1200W(optional)
Battery communicationRS485,CAN
Working environmentAltitude≤3000m,0~55℃,
Dynamic Power AdjustmentStandard configuration, dynamically output charging power according to charging strategy
Protection performanceLightning protection / dustproof and waterproof IP54 / water immersion power-off protection
Battery Health CheckStandard configuration, cabinet inspection
High temperature detectionStandard, background warning function
Remote monitoringSupport (need to cooperate with management background, remote diagnosis/cabinet control)
Indicator lightStandard (Three Colors)
CommunicationStandard 4G/BT, optional GPS/WIFI
Swapping methodScan code to swap battery/reservation to swap battery/offline battery swap
CameraCamera (outlay,optional)
Fall prevention blockOptional (X4)
Fire extinguisherS-type aerosol
Certification requirementsCan be arranged according to market demand (consider certification fee & cycle)
AppearanceCan be customized according to customer needs

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Room 530, Creative Center, Guangpu West Road, Huangpu District, Guangzhou City, Guangdong Province, China,china

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