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High Voltage Battery 15kwh 20kwh 25kwh 30kwh


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This product is a high voltage battery system designed by TYCORUN ENERGY Company, it can stack 3 to 7 battery modules according to the actual needs, the usable capacity is from 15kWh to 35kWh, and the voltage is from 153.6V to 358.4V. Our high voltage battery system adopts a very flexible modular design, and there are no cables inside the product, which can greatly improve the safety of the product.
From BMS protection boards, to hybrid inverters, to high-voltage battery modules, every part of the product is designed to provide you with safe, reliable and clean power.

High Voltage Battery System 15kwh 20kwh 25kwh 30kwh

Extra long service life
TYCORUN ENERGY’s high-voltage battery can operate continuously and reliably for a long time because of its protection level of IP67. It is very suitable for use in harsh environments such as high temperature, high cold, and high altitude, with a designed service life of up to 20 years.

Multiple working modes
Our high voltage batteries offer a variety of working modes to meet your diverse needs.
Our high-voltage batteries support uninterrupted switching between off-grid and grid-connected.

Provides high accuracy
The product has a high-precision electric meter inside, which can prevent backflow and provide load power monitoring.
There is a high-precision MPPT control inside the product, so that the solar energy can be used to the maximum extent, thereby increasing the photovoltaic power generation.

Various flexible configurations
Our high-voltage battery supports Wi-Fi and GPRS wireless monitoring methods. In addition, it is flexibly configured and can be charged by photovoltaic or commercial power. Our high-voltage batteries have a complete BMS system protection function and control system, which can prevent multiple protection measures such as over-temperature, over-current, over-voltage, and short-circuit. It is safer and more reliable to use.

Nominal Voltage153.6V(48series)204.8V(64series)256V(80series)307.2V(96series)
Internal Resistance≤80mΩ≤100mΩ≤120mΩ≤150mΩ
Cycle Life≥5000cycles@80%DOD,25℃,0.5C ≥4000cycles@80%DOD,40℃,0.5C
Design Life≥10 years
Charge Cut-off Voltage168V±0.5V228V±0.5V284V±0.5V340V±0.5V
Max. Continuous Work Current100A
Discharge Cut-off Voltage135V±0.5V180V±0.5V225V±0.5V270V±0.5V
Charge Temperature0℃~60℃
Discharge Temperature-20℃~60℃
Storage Temperature-40℃~55℃ @ 60%±25% relative humidity
Dimensions745*415*590 mm930*415*590 mm1120*415*590 mm1300*415*590 mm
Protocol (optional)RS232-PC,RS485(B)-PC RS485(A)-Inverter,Canbus-Inverter

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