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The mobile energy storage battery ALL-IN-ONE home energy storage system is an energy storage unit that can meet the electricity demand of daily life. It is a mobile energy storage battery system with lithium iron phosphate batteries supporting the inverter. It can be perfectly connected directly to the solar system. This product is very powerful. At the same time, its performance in terms of flexibility is also very good. It can well meet the use of various scenarios. Ideal for energy storage in small factories. There is also home energy storage.

1. Dual PD100w flash charge
2. Home storage and outdoor all-in-one machine
3. Support 10W wireless charging
4. Pure sine wave output (no damage to electrical appliances)
5. Battery cycle life 2000+
6. One line is really fast charging, no adapter
7. Modular design, the battery system can be paralleled at will



The TYCORUN ENERGY Mobile Energy Storage system has powerful functions, such as using battery power, photovoltaic power, and mains to provide power for connected loads, and can store the remaining energy generated by photovoltaic solar energy, which can be used when needed. stand up. When there is a power outage, or when the energy demand is high, you can use the energy stored in our solar battery system to meet your various energy needs, so you don’t need to spend extra money. This Mobile Energy Storage system helps you achieve self-supply of energy, our endeavour is to allow you to become energy independent at last. Our solar cell system has the following advantages:

1. TYCORUN ENERGY Mobile Energy Storage system is an integrated energy storage system, including charger/inverter/solar system. In this way, there is no need to configure the inverter and charger separately, and it is very convenient and safe to use.

2. Our Mobile Energy Storage system is powerful because it includes the functions of inverter, solar charger and battery, which can provide you with uninterrupted power support. Is a good helper in your life.

3. In addition, our Mobile Energy Storage system comes with a high-definition LCD display, and it can also match the input voltage range of your home appliance voltage, and the battery charging current can be configured according to the application.

4. The Mobile Energy Storage system of TYCORUN ENERGY is compatible with the mains voltage, allowing you to use it more calmly.

5. You can flexibly match standard battery packs, battery capacities or external batteries according to actual needs, all of which are achievable.

6. Our Mobile Energy Storage system can directly convert solar energy from PV to load because it is used in combination with MPPT controller with wide PV input range.

7. Our products have built-in BMS protection board, which can provide all-round safety protection, such as overload protection / over temperature protection / short circuit protection and so on.

8. Our Mobile Energy Storage system adopts an integrated design, which is very convenient for transportation.

9. The Mobile Energy Storage system of TYCORUN ENERGY has passed the MSDS/ROSH/VDE/CE/UN38.3/IEC certification, in this way, it can meet various certification requirements of different countries.

model T-MB5KW
110Aac 220Aac
battery input
Battery Type Lithium Iron Phosphate(LFP)
Battery input rated voltage[V] 48
Input voltage range[V] 37-60
battery capacity [W h] 4800 4800
Rated charging current [A] 25A 25A
Rated discharge current [A] 45A 45A
Maximum discharge current [A] 80A 80A
battery cycle life (@25°C , 1C discharge) 2000
AC input
AC charging power[W] 1800 1800
Rated voltage[Vac] 110 220
Input voltage range[V] 90-140 180-260
frequency[Hz] 60 50
Frequency Range[Hz] 55-65 45-55
power factor (@max. charging power) >0 .99 >0 .99
DC enter
Maximum input power of car charger [W] 120
Solar charging maximum input power [W] 1000
DC Input voltage range [V] 10~53
DC/Solar maximum input current[A] 10
Ac output
Rated AC output power[W] 2000
peak power[W] 5000
Rated voltage[Vac] 110 220
Rated frequency[Hz] 60 50
AC maximum current[A] 45 22.7
Rated output current[A] 18 9
Harmonic rate < 1 .5%
DC output
USB-A (x1) 12 .5w, 5V, 2 .5A
fast charge 3 .0 (x2) each28w , (5V, 9V, 12V), 2 .4A
USB-TypeC (x2) each100w , (5V, 9V, 12V, 20V), 5A
Cigarette lighter and DC port maximum output power 120w
cigarette lighter (x1) 120w, 12V, 10A
DC port (x2) 120w, 12V, 10A
Other functions
LED lamp 3W
LCD display 97mm*48mm
Wireless charging 10W(Optional)
Parallel function Optional
battery to max ac[%] 92 93
AC to max battery[%] 93
Protective function AC output overcurrent, AC output short circuit, AC charging overcurrent
Basic parameters
Overall size (length*width*height) 570*220*618mm
weight 53kg
Operating temperature 0~45°C  (Charge) ,-20~60°C  (discharge)
Communication Interface WIFI


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Room 530, Creative Center, Guangpu West Road, Huangpu District, Guangzhou City, Guangdong Province, China,china

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