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5KW Rack Lithium Battery For Home Energy Storage

Tycorun energy 48v 100ah rack lithium battery
Tycorun energy 5kw 48v 100ah rack lithium battery
Tycorun energy 5kw 48v 100ah rack lithium battery

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TYCORUN ENERGY’s 48v 100ah rack lithium battery has a very long service life, which is at least 10 times longer than that of lead-acid batteries. It can be installed in two ways, rack mount and wall mount, like Tesla powerwall. This product of ours, it is loaded with the best BMS and battery, and it also provides the best value for money. Its price is very affordable compared to some local brands in Europe and America. In terms of applications, it is also very extensive, it covers golf carts, electric motorcycles, electric bicycles, solar energy storage, electric scooter home energy storage, automatic auxiliary trolleys, ships, medical tools, telecommunications, etc.


48V 100Ah Rack Lithium Battery For Home Energy Storage
Electrical Characteristics
Rated voltage51.2V
Rated capacity100AH
Standard Charge
Charging methodCC/CP/VP
Charging electricity0.2C(Standard)
1C(Max, 25℃)
Charging cut-offf voltage58.4V/CELL
Standard Discharge
Discharging methodCC/CP/VP
Discharging electricity0.5C(Standard)
1.5C(Max, 25℃)
Discharging cut-off voltage43.2V/CELL
Operating temperatureCharge 0~50℃
Discharge -20~55℃
Storage temperatureShort time -10~45℃
Long time -10~40℃
Storage humidity5%~95%
Product Size430x442x177
Product Weight48KG
Communication interface485/232/CAN
Shipping StatusVoltage 48~51V
Tycorun energy 5kw 48v 100ah rack lithium battery

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