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Top 10 pumped storage manufactures in China

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New energy power generation has begun to drive the energy storage industry to achieve rapid growth simultaneously, and pumped storage, as the current preferred energy storage method for large-scale energy regulation, is also ushering in a golden development period for project acceleration. With the large-scale grid connection of new energy in the future, the demand for energy storage in the power system will further expand. As a relatively mature and economical energy storage method, pumped storage is expected to accelerate the development of the industry.

It is predicted that by 2025, China will put more than 62GW of pumped storage into operation, and by 2030, it will reach about 120GW, and the scale of operation in 2035 is expected to exceed 400GW. This article sorts out the relevant information of top 10 pumped storage manufactures, in no particular order.

Top 10 pumped storage manufactures in China


JSMC is one of top 10 pumped storage manufactures

Company profile:
JSMC is a national high-tech enterprise integrating R&D, production and sales of intelligent motor products and lithium products, and is also one of the lithium carbonate battery companies.

At the same time, it is also a leader in the lepidolite industry. The company is mainly engaged in the integrated production of lepidolite mining, dressing and smelting, and the production and sales of special motors. In terms of motor business, pumped storage and submersible pump motors are one of the main products. Therefore, JSMC is also know as one of top 10 pumped storage manufactures.

Market value: 31.328 billion rmb

Company website: www.jiangte.com.cn


Shunna is one of top 10 pumped storage manufactures

Company profile:
Shunna was established in October 1992 and listed on the Shenzhen Stock Exchange in January 1994.

Shunna’s business originally focused on the production and manufacture of kitchen and bathroom appliances. After completing the acquisition of Shunte Electric, the business focus has also begun to tilt to the field of power transmission and transformation. The factory transformers, excitation transformers and SFC transformers produced have been equipped with China. Multiple pumped storage power plants. Pumped storage is one of the main energy supply methods for virtual power plants. Shunna has been deeply involved in the field of pumped storage transformers for many years.

Market value: 2.708 billion rmb

Company website: http://www.shunna.com.cn


Yongfu is one of top 10 pumped storage manufactures

Company profile:
Founded in 1994, Yongfu is mainly engaged in power system planning, thermal power plants, wind power plants, power transmission and transformation, construction, new energy and other engineering design, engineering consulting, engineering survey, general contracting and computer technology services.

Different from other top 10 pumped storage manufactures, Yongfu is currently the only non-public enterprise in China that has four grade-A qualifications for power generation design, power transmission and transformation design, engineering survey, and engineering consulting.
An integrated power energy service provider whose main business is to provide power energy system integration solutions and services. It has a number of Class A qualifications in engineering design and engineering survey in the power industry. It has a strong technical accumulation in the fields of offshore wind power, photovoltaics and pumped water storage.

Market value: 9.757 billion rmb

Company website: http://www.yongfu.com.cn/


Wenergy is one of top 10 pumped storage manufactures

Company profile:
Wenergy, one of the top 10 pumped storage manufactures in China, was established on December 13, 1993. It was listed on the Shenzhen Stock Exchange on December 20, 1993. It is a regional power generation leader. The company’s business is based in Anhui. The initial three 125,000-kilowatt generator sets, by the end of 2019, the company’s total assets will be 32.9 billion yuan, net assets will be 18.2 billion yuan, and the installed capacity in service and under construction will reach 9.53 million kilowatts.

The business types cover power supply, heating and energy storage, etc. In terms of energy storage business, the company’s business layout covers two types of electrochemical energy storage and pumped storage.

Market value: 10.065 billion rmb

Company website: http://www.wenergy.cn/


GDG is one of top 10 pumped storage manufactures

Company profile:
GDG was established on July 11, 1997, and listed on the Shanghai Stock Exchange on July 18 of the same year. Focus on building an industrial system for the coordinated development of electricity, energy logistics, gas, new energy, and energy finance, and take the lead in establishing a safety, health, and environmental management system and an investment and social affairs management system among top 10 pumped storage manufactures.

The company’s traditional business consists of three major industries: electric power, gas and energy logistics. Under the trend of new energy, the company is also actively deploying emerging scenarios such as wind power, photovoltaics and pumped storage. It has planned to invest in pumped storage projects with a project scale of 120. Ten thousand kilowatts.

Market value: 19.811 billion rmb

Company website: http://www.gdg.com.cn/


ZHEJIANG ENERGY is one of top 10 pumped storage manufactures

Company profile:
The main business of ZHEJIANG ENERGY is the investment, development, construction and operation management of hydropower, photovoltaic power generation, wind power and other renewable energy projects. The business scope of the company is: industrial investment, wind power generation, hydropower generation, solar power generation development and operation, project management, natural water collection and distribution, technology development of renewable energy technology, technical consultation, technical service, equipment maintenance, testing Technical services, water supply services, power supply services.

ZHEJIANG ENERGY is one of China’s leading top 10 pumped storage manufactures, the main business relies on the coordinated development of the three major industries of wind power, photovoltaic and hydropower. As of the first half of the year, the company’s new energy holding installed capacity has reached a total installed capacity of 4.3281 million kilowatts. At the same time, through equity investment, it has 3 water pumps Energy storage subsidiary.

Market value: 24.918 billion rmb

China Three Gorges Renewables

China Three Gorges Renewables is one of top 10 pumped storage manufactures

Company profile:
As one of the top 10 pumped storage manufactures, China Three Gorges Renewables actively develops pumped storage, new energy storage, hydrogen energy, solar thermal and other businesses. At the same time, investment in related industries with high correlation with new energy business, complementary advantages and strategic synergies has basically formed a business pattern of mutual support and coordinated development of wind power, solar energy, energy storage, and strategic investment.
The company is a new energy development and operation platform under the China Three Gorges Corporation. Its performance revenue mainly comes from the electricity sales revenue of wind power generation projects. It now has a new energy installed capacity of 25.1 million kilowatts. At the same time, actively develop pumped storage, energy storage, hydrogen energy and other businesses.

Market value: 168.283 billion rmb

Company website: www.ctgne.com


Dongfang is one of top 10 pumped storage manufactures

Company profile:
Dongfang is capable of developing, designing, manufacturing, selling, supplying equipment and general contracting of power station projects for large-scale hydropower, thermal power, nuclear power, gas power, wind power and solar power generation equipment.

It can develop batches of 1000MW-class hydroelectric generating units, 1350MW-class ultra-supercritical thermal power units, 1000MW-1750MW-class nuclear power units, heavy-duty gas turbine equipment, direct drive and double-fed full-range wind turbines, high-efficiency solar power plant equipment, hydrogen energy buses, large-scale Environmental protection and water treatment equipment, power electronics and control systems, new energy batteries and energy storage systems, intelligent equipment and other products.

Not only is China’s leadind top 10 pumped storage manufactures, the company is also one of the three major power generation equipment OEMs. It has completed the full coverage of the six major development equipment of hydropower, thermal, electric, energy storage, nuclear energy, wind and photovoltaic, and provided about one-third of China’s energy equipment. It is also one of the few enterprises with the ability to supply pumped storage units.

Market value: 68.146 billion rmb

Company website: http://www.dec-ltd.cn/

China Southern Power

China Southern Power is one of top 10 pumped storage manufactures

Company profile:
China Southern Power founded in 1997, it has been focusing on grid planning, grid construction, and power supply services for more than 20 years. After completing major asset replacements, it has become a scarce target in the market for pumped storage, peak-shaving hydropower, and independent energy storage assets.

Market value: 47.429 billion rmb

Company website: www.wsdl.com.cn


CHINAPOWER is one of top 10 pumped storage manufactures

Company profile:
CHINAPOWER is a global leader in clean energy construction. Its main business consists of three major modules: energy and power, environmental city construction and infrastructure. Among them, engineering contracting and survey and design of new energy and pumped storage projects are the core business, and it has participated in 90% of China’s The above-mentioned pumped storage power station is planned and constructed.

Registered capital: 31863.3901 million rmb

Company website: http://www.powerchina.cn

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